Design and development – part 3

I have been looking over some very interesting brochure designs on Pintrest lately…! I swear it’s not just a procrastination technique, they actually hold some incredibly good designs.

Here are a few examples of ones I liked;

brochure example 2( sourced from: )

In this one above, I like the use of colour, just enough to add some pop to each page, while keeping everything else quite minimal, just using black and white – even in the pictures. The layout is quite consistent as well, gives it a framed look.

brochure example

(sourced from: )

With this one, I like how again it’s framed, the text has either an outline (like the right page) or has a coloured background for the table of contents, both sets it out rather well.

I have also chosen a few fonts I would like to use throughout my brochure. I like to have clean lines, and as such have chosen to use as my body font:

calibri light

And as for my heading font, either, the trusted old faithful, Helvetica OR one I found called Essence Sans.

essence light.jpg

Also, in terms of a layout, I am going to go with an A5 booklet (max 10 pages) in landscape orientation, and am hoping to set it out like one of the examples displayed above.

I have almost half of my content prepared, and am working on the other half across the next few weeks!

I have an image I am playing with, and would love some feedback on, for the front page….! I am thinking of taking the grey background away and just having the circles etc. may make it a bit neater!!

front cover.png





  1. Hi Reanna,

    I think using fonts with clean lines will work really well in a magazine layout and the framing around the text helps to draw attention to it. The minimalist design you’re aiming for creates a very welcoming entry point, something I’m trying to create in my design. I think you’re concept is coming along nicely. The image is quite striking too, although I’m not sure if’s it’s the background picture that I’m drawn to or just the split complimentary colours over the top and the contrast of the white frame – what was the deciding factor for you?


  2. Hey Reanna

    Aesthetically, you have such a great eye. I love the style you’re going for! I think you’ve got a great grip on the design principals and understand and incorporate them very successfully.



  3. Reanna,

    This blog is a terrific update on your design’s progress. The brochure design examples you have chosen are really strong and they reflect your appreciation of good design. Having these as an inspiration and benchmark will help you design your item.

    Can I suggest that you apply this inspiration (and your new understanding of the design principles we have been discussing) to some more sketches. Sketching the layout of your design several times, refining each as you go, will help you further develop your content and decide how many images and how much text will be needed.

    Great work!


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