Design and development – part 2

I am slightly late with this post, and I do apologise. I seem to have a design – I’d like to say block, but I have so many ideas stuck in my head about how I want my pamphlet to look, that it would be best to say flood, followed by the extreme inability to get them onto paper!

I have always had an issue when it came to design, I want things to be aesthetically pleasing, not only to me, but to others – so I tend to lean towards the design side of things first and then follow it up on the content. I guess I am backwards when it comes to form vs function, especially if you look at the prescriptive definition by Lidwell in the Universal Principles of Design; “aesthetic considerations in design should be secondary to functional considerations”. The ‘function’ of my pamphlet is to demonstrate every aspect of information I am putting in there. My pamphlet is to show PR professionals;

  • how important using colour is, whether it’s analogous, tetradic (which I am hoping to use) or complimentary
  • which font type to choose, and how to help them select it
  • ensuring that the way something is designed is consistent.

While there are a number of Lidwell’s (et al) principles I aim using in the pamphlet, I don’t want to have something which I have spent all my time in designing and not putting any thought into the content – however, that would be a good demonstration of the ‘aesthetic-usability effect’ – showing that a good design (In my eyes at least!) can still be effective!

My iterative design below, shows how my pamphlet has slightly progressed! For the most part, my pamphlet will be white, I like white, it’s clean, and when attempting to demonstrate the information in the design itself I think it helps. As mentioned above, I am attempting to go for the tetradic colour scheme – so I have chosen four colours arranged by a complimentary pair (tigercolor, 2015)

colour selections

[sourced from Tigercolor]

I am going for blues and purples with a nice contrast in the orange/yellow area (however, knowing my brain this may change, again and again!).

I have created a business name for myself, as the company preparing this document;


I am using the yellow from my colour scheme to in small but noticeable places to try and make it stand out a little! I went with the name creative disclosure as I really enjoy being creative when I develop and release any communication material, as I am a VERY visual person, and thought it was a bit of fun!

I am also going to use (if my brain lets it get out of my head!) an abstract image, which will consist of the above colours in one variation or another and this will form part of the pamphlet on each page, possibly as a header, I’m not quite sure yet!


Tigercolor. (2015). Referenced from



  1. Hi Reanna, i love the name. I know how you feel when you cant get the mind visual onto paper! I get so frustrated! I think your colour scheme will work, looking forward to more posts 🙂


  2. Hi Reanna,

    Better late than never!

    A few points of feedback:

    I like your business name. And your discussion on FORM vs FUNCTION here is terrific.

    As part of the iterative design process, this blog entry (#2) asked you to show a development in your chosen design (max 10 page brochure, in your case). I cannot see any further iterations of your brochure design here.

    This is likely because you haven’t figured out the extent of your brochure’s CONTENT yet.

    This could be the next thing to figure out as the content (FUNCTION) will help determine the design (FORM). Try another pencil draft of your brochure. Think about size of the pages. Think about cover image and heading. Think about sub-headings and images which might be used to demonstrate or illustrate your brochure’s content.

    Have you found any inspiring examples of brochure design?
    You could post these also and discuss what aspects of their design you value.



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