Week 12: Assessment 1 – Activity 6: Reflection

I don’t think I can narrow it down to one overall ‘favourite’ or most interesting topic for this unit. All of them had something of their ‘own’ to bring to each discussion and activity/task. In saying that, I have whittled it down to three choices:

  1. Michel Gondry – he is an inspirational character. The way in which he uses his own life influences (whether a conscious decision or not…) to create his works of art, is astounding.
  2. Data visualisation – the ‘Zero Noon’ clock, designed and developed by Lozano-Hemmer is amazing. This subjet was my first choice for my essay, however felt I was drawn more towards my final point below..!
  3. Design activism – there is definitely something about having a skill and using it for the greater good. Having the ability to change ones perception on a topic is something that should be commended. One day I hope to have the ability to do this.

I feel I learned a lot through each of these weeks. However, design activism is something which has definitely taken my fancy and honestly think I would enjoy learning more and using it in my chosen career.

I think I enjoyed Michel Gondry the most, discovering he directed one of my favourite film clips by the Foo Fighters made it even more enjoyable! However, I think the design activism is something that has definitely helped me build my skills the most.


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