Week 11 – Assessment 2 – Task 6: Design for nature

1392424_10151783109877633_1908269913_nThis place, while it has been touched by people, is a place where old still has a sense of being, a sense of home. There are so many antique pieces here, from old tractors and plows to the jetty’s which have been restored and made new again. This reminds me of Marris’ comments about conservationists restoring a site or park (Marris, 2011). This is a resort at Tarthra on the east coast. Surrounded by bushland and native fauna. It was the first time and place my son saw a family of kangaroos and possums eating outside our cabin and both my children hearing kookaburra’s as they sat up in the gum trees which surrounded us.

{image source: Hurley, R. 2013. Tarthra, NSW}

IMAG0918While Marris writes about an imagined place, somewhere distant, where no people have been, with no roads, fences or power lines (Marris, 2011), this is it for me – while people have been there and stepped foot on its beautiful white sandy beach, it’s free from roads, power lines and anything else human like. This to me, is a ‘pristine wilderness’ and it’s somewhere I get to venture to quite frequently. Somewhere I get to take my kids to enjoy, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

{image source: Hurley, R. 2015. Tomakin, NSW}



Marris, E. (2011) Chapter 1: Weeding the garden. Rambunctious garden: saving nature in a post-wild world. Retrieved from http://onlineres.swin.edu.au.ezproxy.lib.swin.edu.au/99332392111.pdf


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  1. Reanna. You have provided some fitting captions that reference some of the key themes from this week’s topic – well done.


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