Assessment 2 – Task 5: Cradle to Cradle and the Lite2Go

(Source: Lite2Go by Knoend via Tree Hugger)

The Lite2Go is an environmentally safe product, designed so all of the components in the packaging form the finished product itself. The outer case of the packaging becomes the lamp shade, it contains a small 7w globe and the electrical cable. The only part of the packaging which wasn’t really designed for end use was the cardboard label and some twine. All things considered, this is a pretty amazing product – of which ALL parts can be recycled.

This product easily fits into steps 3 and 5 of McDonough and Braungart’s (2002) list – 5 steps to Eco-Effectiveness.

Step three – Creating a “passive positive” list

Knoend have hit the nail on the head here by ensuring they looked beyond “the contents of a given product, we conduct a detailed inventory of the entire palette of materials used” – everything in this packaging is ultimately used to make the final product. They definitely thought about how it was going to be used and when no longer required that each and every piece could be recycled.

Step five – Reinvent

This step fits in with McDonough and Braungat’s comment that “design is based on the attempt to fulfill human needs” and with the world taking on such an environmentally sustainable view, why not take something that people use everyday – such as a light and make them feel good about buying the product, by knowing that they are purchasing something which is completely recyclable and good for the earth.


McDonough,  . Braungart,  . (2002) Cradle to Cradle. Retrieved 17 September 2015 from


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  1. Reanna. You have provided a thoughtful analysis and effective argument in relation to your chosen example – well done. A brief conclusion would have help round off your response. Do ensure you provide in-text citations for direct quotes and provide the publishing details for the McDonough and Braungart reading.


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