Week 6: Assessment 2 – task 3: The wonder that is Michel Gondry

“There must be a lot of brain in there” (Grohl, D. Partisan Official, 2014) and what a brilliant brain it is.

Gondry used a number of effects in this clip, the lights flashing with the beat of the music, also features in the Daft Punk film clip “Around the world”.

Another is the use of stop motion or as Melies referred to “substitution splicing”. One of the first times this technique was used was in the 1896 film L’Escamotage d’une dame chez or The vanishing lady (Ezra, 2000, p. 28).

Defined by Ezra (2000, p. 28), substitution splicing created the sudden appearance or disappearance of a person or object or…one object for another.

While this film clip doesn’t substitute, it does stop the take and move items from one position to another to create an animated effect.

This is demonstrated below by the chairs and children being moved to look like they are dancing;

Gondry_West example(West, K. Gondry, M. – Heard them say 2005 sourced from https://vimeo.com/32402028 )

Gondry has an amazing way to make his clips playful. It’s fitting the Partisan Official documentary was titled I’ve been twelve forever, it’s as if he’s been stuck in a childhood fantasy (or nightmare as the case may be) and uses this as a form of therapy.


Partisan Official. (2014). I’ve been twelve for ever – documentary – Michel Gondry (2004). Retrieved 13 August 2015 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF8kN-M2XNY

Ezra, E. (2000). Melies does tricks. Retrieved 13 August 2015 from http://librarysearch.swinburne.edu.au/primo_library/libweb/action/display.do?tabs=detailsTab&ct=display&fn=search&doc=SUT-ALMA5192912650001361&indx=1&recIds=SUT-ALMA5192912650001361&recIdxs=0&elementId=0&renderMode=poppedOut&displayMode=full&frbrVersion=&dscnt=0&dum=true&vl(30784455UI0)=any&tab=combined&dstmp=1439498977035&vl(freeText0)=Melies%20does%20tricks&vid=SWIN2&mode=Basic

Film clip  2005–  Heard them say – Retrieved 13 August 2015 from https://vimeo.com/32402028


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  1. Reanna. You have touched on an effect/trick used by both directors and drawn on relevant quotes for support – well done. Ensure you a building a cohesive argument throughout your response that includes aspects of analysis and evaluation.


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