Week 1 – Activity 1: First things First and Ten footnotes to a manifesto – a comparison

As the title suggests – first things first…Rick Poynor, author of the year 2000 revised 1964 manifesto, proposes a “reversal of priorities in favor of the more useful…forms of communication“, (Poynor, Eye no.33 vol. 9, 1999) whilst maintaining the theme from Ken Garland’s original manifesto, Poynor dismisses a key point the original version acknowledges.

Although Garland does in deed write this sentence almost exact, identifying the need to focus their talents on avenues which required their attention more than the mainstream commercialisation of advertising, he was also identifying the need to maintain this side of graphic art – the side which was “inessential at best” (Poynor, Eye no.33 vol. 9, 1999) according to Poynor, as it was important and not realistic to abolish.

Ten Footnotes to a Manifesto while seeming to look like a critique is quite close to being the exact same view point that both Poynor and Garland stood for. In saying that, I do agree with what the manifesto is attesting, I also agree with what Michael Beirut says in his interview with Vivien Philizot “Designers, like doctors, should do no harm” (Beirut, 2007, Graphic Design and Metamorphoses: a few footnotes to a manifesto p. 44) and to not knowingly work for someone whose ethical or moral being competes with your own. You have the choice on who to design for: money, the company or yourself.



  1. Hey Reanna!

    My feedback according to the requirements:

    1. I think your comprehension of the issues is excellent. You picked an angle I had not really thought about and clarified it excellently.

    2. It’s clear that you are analysing the issues discussed in the papers against the real issues and their actual weighting in the real world, so your point of view has rational weight behind it and not just another opinion.

    3. The information is presented in a logical flow and the paragraphs are connected by thoughts discussed. It’s only a short piece but by the end of it the topic has been properly examined.

    4. A few little spelling and grammar errors, but nothing to get too upset about.

    Great job! And… sorry it’s taken me so long to do this! I was sick this week, I’ll make an effort to get up to date for next week.


    • Hey Sam,
      Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
      Last week must have been a sick week…my son was really sick for the majority of the week so found it quite difficult to anything while he was awake as he was attached to me the whole time! So I do apologise I haven’t done yours yet, but I will by tomorrow!!

      Hope you’re feeling better.


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